Helping woman reclaim their style mojo & embrace the body they’re in

I’m Lucy:  An Image Consultant, life coach, online stylist and devoted wife and mum to the 3 gorgeous men in my life. I’m passionate about skyrocketing women’s self esteem and confidence by giving them the tools to:

  • embrace the body they’re in;
  • look and feel fabulous everyday – without breaking the bank;
  • create their most flattering silhouette;
  • ditch the overwhelm;
  • shop less – wear more; and
  • dress for the life they want….


Seasonal capsule wardrobes to save you time, money & overwhelm

Does this sound familiar? You have a bulging, groaning wardrobe yet still have “nada” to wear. You feel clueless mixing and matching flattering outfits that are on trend, on point and on budget? You have a body you no longer recognise and don’t know how to dress it? If you answered yes, and you want to be fashion conscious, yet budget conscious too, then our seasonal capsule wardrobes could be just the foolproof, turn key solution you’ve been searching for.


I just thought I’d give you an update. I’m having soooooo much fun!!!! It’s like playing dress ups every day. I wake up thinking of new outfits to put together, put them on and get my hubby to take photos. I’m getting comments EVERYWHERE I go. When I look like a million dollars, I feel like a million dollars. It’s fabulous.


I have to tell you I couldn’t help myself.After looking at the shopping list and outfit combinations, I went shopping. Funny, I already had the shoes and the tote bag. Gee if felt good! The concept is fantastic. I printed out the page with all of the outfits, looked at the shopping list and scribbled in which shop and off I went. So easy! I felt like a professional shopper.It’s so good.Just thought I’d let you know, I am loving it!


When I am rushing to take the kids to school in the mornings I find it so easy to pick something to wear. Before I would spend ages agonising over what top would match which pants or I would reach for the same old jeans and jumper. The things I’ve found in my wardrobe, which I’ve re-vamped, also amazed me. I find that I spend less money. I learnt so much from this and the amount of compliments I’ve received and continue to get has raised my self esteem through the roof.


Having My Style Menu and learning what would look good on my body was just fantastic. It made shopping so easy & fun. When I am shopping no time is wasted. I would recommend this to anyone. It has really changed the way I shop. I no longer waste time or money on items that are not beneficial. What a fantastic concept for anyone to try. It’s money well spent.




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