We’ve tried fashion parades before
and they’ve never worked for us.
What makes your workshops so different?

When it comes to traditional fashion parades and galas, that’s been our experience too. In our opinion, they work as (expensive) public relations exercises that create hype on the night, but rarely result in more sales or enhanced customer loyalty. Potential customers get to see outfits in one combination for a split second on the runway — and on 18-year-old models who wear a size 6. No wonder your target audience of women 30 and up struggle to relate to that!

In contrast, we believe shoppers need to see fashion they can RELATE to — and that compliments their body shape, age, lifestyle and budget. Our workshops and event marketing services are designed with your core target market in mind and feature relevant themes, advice and humour to keep them engaged.

We demonstrate how to mix and match clothes to create a capsule wardrobe AND get the biggest bang for your buck, which inspires people to shop. Not only that, but we ONLY use size and age appropriate models. And we take the time to help customers find a personal style that works for them in our one-on-one speed-styling sessions — PROVEN to dramatically increase your sales and encourage multiple purchases.

We also believe in including other retailers in the event. We can organise hair and beauty demonstrations throughout the workshops, use stage props from homeware retailers and present from TV screens loaned from electronic stores. This opens the door for a higher level of entertainment, interactivity and engagement, and keeps even MORE retailers happy while keeping costs down for you. (Talk about a win win!)

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How many days do you recommend
for your worksop packages?

The format we’ve found works best is a three-day event (Thursday-Saturday) with two 40-minute workshops each day at 11am and 1pm. This helps capitalise on the busiest times of the week and the busiest times of the day.

You’ll get to choose from two themes that speak directly to your core demographic and meet your primary marketing objectives. These two themes comprise the two workshops which will be repeated every day.

One hour of mini speed-styling sessions follow each 40-minute workshop, with five-minute style consultations available to individual audience members and the general public. For each shopper, a personalised “Fashion Prescription” form is completed containing easy-reference information about their body shape, plus clothing recommendations and suggested retailers. This ‘prescription’ encourages shoppers to purchase on the day of the event and can also come in handy on future shopping trips.

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This sounds like a lot of 
work for me to organise.

Don’t worry — we’ve got your back. Not only do we provide comprehensive end-to-end project management and marketing services that do all the hard work for you, but we also provide the following so that you can focus on what you do best:

  • Pre-written letter templates to send to fashion, hair and beauty, homeware and electronics retailers to maximise retailer participation and engagement. You can email them as they are, or simply cut and paste onto your own letterhead if you want to send a hard copy. (Nice ‘n’ easy.)
  • An event checklist for your reference and peace of mind, so no detail slips through the cracks.
  • Comprehensive timelines so that you know when everything needs to happen by, and who’s responsible, so that everything runs seamlessly.
  • Pre-written press releases and a complete media kit with high-resolution photographs to provide to the media and encourage publicity coverage.
  • Complete shopping lists for the audience, including each product or garment featured in the workshop, the associated retailer, as well as pricing for ease of reference.
  • Customer feedback forms and an event review, which allows you to easily gather data and effectively customise your future marketing initiatives.
  • Post-event reports outlining retailer and customer feedback to supplement marketing reports for upper management, plus photographs of the event for your records.
  • Staging, seating, sound and lighting supplied on request
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This all sounds great but my
marketing budget’s been slashed.
I don’t think I can afford it.

We get that things are tight for you, right now. That’s why our format has been specifically designed to be as cost effective and streamlined as possible. Our goal is ALWAYS to achieve an extremely high return on your investment — with NO compromise on the overall quality, entertainment value or end results.

Whereas traditional fashion parades and events use a long line of models, coordinate complicated choreography, require fitting rooms, a stylist, MC, dress rehearsals and more for little ROI and a logistical headache for you, our events are affordable, professional, streamlined and fun — and most importantly, effective. For example, we only use two stylists and one model, and we utilise stage props and furniture from in-centre homeware retailers to minimise costs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor a fashion workshop package to suit your marketing objectives and budget.

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My centre is based in a regional area.
Can you conduct a workshop here?

In a word: yes! The Fashion Workshop has organised events all over Australia and New Zealand. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve hosted workshops in almost every capital city across both countries, as well as smaller regional areas that include Canberra, Gympie, Mackay and Cairns.

Our goal is always to keep travel and accommodation expenses as low as possible so that things stay ultra affordable for you.

For more information and for a personalised quote, contact us.

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