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Hero Piece: She Sells Shells Shorts

My knees were never that pretty to start with, but it seems the older I get the more lumpy and bumpy they become and I’ve became quite self-conscious about exposing them. Shorter dresses? Meh! Mini skirts? No way? Short shorts? Are you kidding me?


Can you relate?


But in the last couple of years, I’ve changed my viewpoint a little. Maybe it’s feeling the heat more (thanks menopause) or wanting to wear something a little flirtier than the longer and tailored Bermuda style I normally gravitate towards.


There are so many great styles of shorts out there and I was missing out on the whole liberating experience of baring your legs in the heat of summer….. Well no more!


White shorts were the answer and these She Sells Shorts (even the name is cute) from French Connection fit the bill perfectly.


When wearing these shorts – or any other style – there are a few hints to help you select a pair that will make your pins (and knobbly knees) look their very best.


Slimming Styling Tips

Colour: When baring your skin without hosiery, white or light coloured shorts are going to elongate your leg length because they are closer in colour to your skin tone. They allow the eye to travels the length from your hips to your toes without visually stopping. If you wear shorts in a dark colour, they are going to contrast dramatically with the skin below and will cause the eye to stop at the hemline and make your legs appear shorter. In contrast, if you’re wearing long pants (and not baring your legs) then a darker colour will minimise larger thighs etc, and make your legs look longer and leaner.


Length: The hemline of the shorts hit below the widest part of the thigh. If the hemline hits higher and creates a horizontal line across the widest part of the leg, it will visually make your legs look bigger. We don’t won’t that right?


Higher Waisted: I don’t know about you but my tummy bloats even just looking at processed (READ: yummy) carbs so a higher waistline is a must if I want to minimise my tummy and muffin tops.


Flat Fronted: Look for shorts that are either side/back fastening or have a wide elasticised waist band (which doubles as a corset Yes! See comment above). This avoids that unfortunate pouch that can be created by bulky zips and buttons at the front.


Fake Tan: I love me some fake tan. Call my crazy but I just look and feel slimmer and ready for summer when I apply a few layers. Bronzed legs + White shorts = French Riviera – plus my knees are cleverly disguised when they look sun kissed. Just make sure you moisturise your knees (and other nobbly bits like your elbows and annkles) otherwise they absorb too much of the tan and will look darker).


These She Sells Shells Shorts from French Connection would look perfect worn …… by the seashore (can’t get that tongue twister out of my head now) …… or anywhere else you want to enjoy the sunshine this summer season.

Happy styling…and remember…life is too short not to look and feel fabulous every single day because you are worth it.

Look 1: Nautical Chic


Top | Pants | Bag | Shoes | Poncho | Hat

Look 2: Retail Therapy


Pants | Top | Bag | Shoes | Earrings

Look 3: Coffee Catchup


Pants | Top | Bag | Shoes | Earrings | Hat

Look 4:  Lunch with Girlfriends


Pants | Top | Bag | Shoes | Earrings | Hat

Look 5: Cocktails


Top | Pants | Clutch | Shoes | Necklace | Jacket



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